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The Borne Naked Handbag Challenge

Ask any of my friends or family and they will gladly tell you I love handbags.  I have quite a collection now, everything from dainty embroidered clutches I’ve picked up for a song in an op-shop to a very special designer bag my friends pooled their money for as a special birthday present.  Handbag heaven!
At the moment my bag of choice is the ‘Butterfly Joslyn’ by Junior Drake.  I love how a percentage of proceeds from this bag has gone to eating disorder and body image charity The Butterfly Foundation and Junior Drake’s body positive company philosophy.  It feels good to carry it!  Thing is though, that like all my ’everyday’ bags that have to carry so much of my life in it – it has become somewhat of a dumping ground and a mess.  
Here’s a peek inside. Can anyone relate to having a bag like this ie. dip your hand in and pray you’ll find what you’re looking for?!  To help me with this delightful mess I was thrilled when the lovely ladies from Borne Naked offered to send me one of their chic handbag liners and to take part in the Borne Naked Handbag Challenge which you can follow on Twitter and Facebook.  The Borne Naked Handbag Liner promised to organise and declutter my handbag and make it easy for me to transfer my essentials from one bag to another. 
Could it be done?
First thing I did was tip out the contents of my bag to assess what might be the damage….oh dear.  Despite my initial ugh feeling, as I was looking through all my bag contents upended on my bed I suddenly began to smile as I realised how many important things were in my bag that help me daily be a positive body image and self esteem advocate.  It took me by surprise – but a nice surprise!  In my bag at the moment are the following lovely things…

  Sticky post it notes and the pen my Stepdaughter signed our marriage certificate with to write Operational Beautiful notes when I am out and about.  My favourite one to write is “Smile. You’re Beautiful” and leave it on the mirror of a bathroom.
 Two inspiration cards “Success Begins With A Dream And The Courage To Follow Your Heart” and “Be The Change You Want To See In The World” that are a nice boost and reminder to me to be true to myself and help others with their life journey too.
My current choice of read for the train.  Such a cute book filled with an amazing message.
 A beautiful card I received and a bottle of Self-Love essential oil which I am currently wearing on my pulse points in place of perfume.  
So after sorting through all my goodies and having a clean out and clean up I was ready to open up my new liner and see how transformational it was.  As I began to pick things out to pop in the liner a little fluffy friend woke from her nap and became curious as to what I was up to…
“What’s this Mum?”
“Will it fit my Whiska’s?”
“Well…I’ll reserve my judgment until I see it in action.”

Well Cookie – I’m not sure about the Whiska’s for you – but look what it fits for me!  It was fun to place everything in the liner and I have to say incredibly satisfying to place all my treasured things as well as the usual keys, tampons, business cards, wallet inside.
How organised does this body image warrior look now?

My handbag is hardly recognisable and I for one am looking forward to being able to move from bag to bag with ease and reaching inside and actually finding what I want without having to send out a search party!
If you are are looking for a great gift or something fabulous for yourself to help you organise your handbag contents I think a Borne Naked Handbag Liner is a great idea.  They come in a range of sizes and the Borne Naked range also includes lots of great suggestions for baby bags and travel needs as well.    
Thanks Borne Naked!  It was fun to take part of the Handbag Challenge.
Note: By taking part in the Borne Naked Handbag Challenge I have become eligible to win a handbag from Borne Naked.  Let’s hope for a lucky me!  If I am chosen as the winner I will also win some Borne Naked Handbag Liners to give away here at Beautiful You.  Let’s hope for a lucky you!

It’s The Girl!

I have recently started to use public transport a great deal more and one of the unexpected joys I am getting from doing so, is seeing and watching people in a whole new way that is not really possible from a car.  Being on the train and tram, I am sitting next to and able to watch a bevy of lovely people reading, listening to music, staring out the window, thinking and talking.  They are tall, short, older, younger, and for one woman I saw last night, working the wildest and most magnificent curly hair I’ve ever seen!

With all of the magazines, television and advertising we are subjected to in our modern lives, it can be easy to forget that people who are not glamorous movie stars or highly paid models, are beautiful, gorgeous human beings.  They smile glorious smiles, have amazing style, warm eyes and so much more.

I love every opportunity I see for everyday people to celebrate their beauty and naturalness, which is why I think handbag label Junior Drake’s new ‘Face’ search is really great.  Junior Drake have a great slogan – “Remember It’s The Girl, Not The Bag.”  It’s all about recognising that YOU as a woman are the most important part of any ensemble.  It’s not your bag, shoes or dress that is the most beautiful thing about you.  It’s you!  Please, please, always remember that.

Junior Drake are doing away with using professional models for their next campaign and instead turning to the street to look for everyday women to model their great bags.  I have the inside word that they are looking for women who are incredibly diverse - tall, short, all different body shapes and sizes, ethnicities and abilities.  This means beautiful women in wheelchairs, amputees and any other form of disability.  It is so incredibly rare to hear of such an opportunity for disabled women, so if that is you or someone you know and love – please tell them to enter!  This is such a wonderful opportunity to showcase diverse, beautiful women and I for one cannot wait to see the campaign in print.  I think it’s going to be gorgeous.

If you are interested in being one of the 12 faces of Junior Drake, starring in their campaign and winning your own Junior Drake bag, you can register here.  Call outs will be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne next week.  Please let me know if you enter or if you are chosen as one of the faces!  I would love to see Beautiful You in print.