The Party Girls Guide to Peace: Guest Post + Giveaway by Tara Bliss of Such Different Skies

I’m so excited today to present a guest post by divine life coach Tara Bliss (yes – that is her real name!) of Such Different Skies all about her upcoming program called ‘The Party Girls Guide to Peace.’  I love supporting up and coming coaches like Tara and I was truly touched by her story of why she started this program and wants to spread the message to other young women as well.  Read on to learn more about the amazing Tara and her program AND your chance to win a spot in this peaceful and purposeful program.   

TaraI can close my eyes, and remember with every cell in my body…

What it felt like to be high in the club…

Every kind of messed up I’ve been in the back of a cab…

How much it hurt to watch the sun come up, knowing that soon the party would be over, and I’d be alone…

How much I resented the girl looking back at me in the mirror…

I can feel, right now, what it felt like to stare at the wall in the shower, my knees aching from lack of sleep and rest, the water against my shoulders rocking me into micro-sleeps as I’d stand there, in a half-conscious trance, not quite believing that it was time to pull myself together, find my way to work, and do it all over again.

More recently, I remember the guilt I would feel when out with friends. That voice that knocked around my head, cursing the part of me that simply did not want to be there. Who do you think you are?  You think you’re better than these people?  These people have fun while they’re out necking beer and doing shots. You should get a life! Every sip was poison to push down. I don’t belong here anymore.

Sometimes, we’ve really gotta journey backwards, simply to remind ourselves of what we never want to experience again.

If you’re a part time Party Girl, I know you pretty well, you know?  You work full time.  You’re hugely ambitious, but tend to expend all your energy on the weekend, which leaves you fed up and fatigued.  You work hard, but play harder.  You’re a social butterfly; the type of gal everybody loves to be around.  You love music festivals, online shopping and watching reality TV.  Your drinks of choice are vodka-lime-sodas and sauvignon blanc (but you also don’t mind smashing a few beers with the boys when the opportunity presents itself).

I also know that you feel as though you’re starting to live a double life.  You crave health; you see all those pictures of green juices and ripped bods on instagram and think- ‘Awww.  I want that.’  I know all too well that you don’t have much of a self-care practice, and most importantly, I know that you’re starting to hear a bigger calling to live differently.

I know that you want to feel vibrant, alive, free, healthy, enthusiastic, assertive, calm, useful, loving, fresh and peaceful.  Am I right?


The Party Girls’ Guide to Peace is a 6 week temple of transparency and truth that nudges you away from the vodka and into vitality.  It’s your big fat permission slip to start exercising your power so you can live the life you dream of.  It’s a resource for women who are prepared (no matter how terrified they may be) to free themselves from their Party Girl label and instead, as a community, prioritise peace.

This is not about restriction and deprivation.  It’s not about never having another drink again, or becoming a hermit who does nothing but sip on tea and read romance novels (although if you’re anything like me, that sounds damn sexy).  I’m not asking that you entirely uproot, disconnect from every morsel of your life and start again.  That is not the intention of this relationship.

I’m just asking that you show up, with a desire to live a better life.

This is about unchaining yourself from conditioned thinking and circumstances, and putting an end to self-destructive behaviour.  It’s about stripping away the bullshit that stifles your brilliance and smothers your dreams.  It’s about becoming strong again; flexing your power, exercising your right to say no, prioritising true happiness and creating room in your life for exceptional experiences, conversations, relationships and golden moments.

It’s about switching off the autopilot, and living a life of choice.This is a beautiful resource for Peace Seekers,  featuring interviews from Jess Ainscough, Melissa Ambrosini, Hibiscus Moon, Rachel MacDonald, Belinda Davidson, and many more babes.  I invite you to join us on this important, timely, sister-filled mission.

Less hangovers!  More vitality!  Clearer skin!  More meaningful relationships!  Bring it on.  Join the convoy.  Commit to peace!

I’m Tara Bliss! Transition coach, fear-buster and enthusiastic scribbler. I’m also the co-host of A Night of Stillness, and chief instigator of The Party Girls Guide to Peace. I’m easily excitable, regularly marvel at the world around me, and have a penchant for finding the good when things get tough. My life purpose involves illuminating confidence, vibrant health and open faith in others, and I do that through written word on my blog (Such Different Skies), one on one coaching, small workshops and e-courses.  You can catch me meditating over my crystal collection, guzzling green juices, hanging with my honey-of-a-hubby, and wearing lipstick (recovering tomboy, right here!)  My ebook, 5 Steps to Killer Confidence is FREE to download, here and you can also follow me on Facey and Twitter.

Thank you Tara for telling us more about The Party Girls Guide to Peace.  I think it’s an amazing concept and as such I would like to pay for one of my Beautiful You readers to participate in the program which officially begins next month.  I have it on good authority though that the Facebook Group is already rocking out!  So if the party girl within you is being called to Tara’s program please leave me a comment below by January 30th telling me why you think the peace guide is exactly what you want and need right now.  Good luck beautiful.

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  1. I discovered Tara’s blog about 7 months ago. My brother had just died, and I found myself desperately looking everywhere for help, and any shred of hope. I’ve been dipping my toes into this whole beautiful, positive and spiritual world, but I’m not there yet. I’ve been talking the talk, but with not nearly enough walking the walk.
    I started my year declaring sobriety, like so many others do when they wake up with a hangover. But this feels different. Alcohol is the reason my brother wasn’t here for his birthday last week. People joke around about killing their brain cells, their liver. I know it REALLY does – tenfold – and I have terrible, vivid images of proof to last a lifetime.

    I don’t like who I am when I drink anyway. I get too silly, too wild. I’m the girl that can’t stop at a couple, the one passed out at the end of the night. Yesterday it happened again. Usually I can brush it off, but not any more. The frustration, guilt and defeat is all too deafening. I didn’t even have a fun day, it’s all is just an embarrassment.
    I’m ready for The Party Girls Guide to Peace. I’ve been ready to make changes for awhile, and know that I just need someone to hold my hand along the way. xx

  2. “Every kind of messed up I’ve been in the back of a cab…” – this, these words took me back to so many unwanted memories. The past that I am working so hard to leave behind.

    Those cab rides from clubs at dawn, the homes of strangers…those were the moments when the cold, harsh light of day and reality returned and the shame and guilt overwhelmed.

    Tara inspires me to embrace my past, accept it as a divine lesson.
    A “6 week temple of transparency and truth” is exactly what I need right now to complete my transformation from vodka to vitality! xx

  3. Julie Parker says:

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt entries in this giveaway – I appreciate you so much for taking the time to enter.

    I have desperately tried to choose a winner between you both Erin and Lisa and I simply can’t. Therefore – congratulations. I am gifting you both a spot in the course. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy working with Tara as well.

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