Tedx Talk Little Lonsdale St Women: Compassionately Questioning the Voice Within by Julie Parker

I’m so delighted to announce that my Tedx Talk ‘Compassionately Questioning the Voice Within’ delivered on December 1st 2012 at Tedx Little Lonsdale St Women is now live!  It’s here for you below and is all about the power of self-compassion and how you can use that to cultivate a more positive inner voice for yourself.

I share some personal anecdotes (never before heard in public!) about my sordid Bridget Jones dating history and you’ll notice a wee wobble in my voice right at the end where for a moment I thought I might shed a tear.  In thinking about it post the event I think it was me wanting the audience to really, really believe in what I was telling them which was that we all have within us the capacity to be amazing and beautiful.

Enjoy beautiful you…love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.



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  1. Oh Julie! Just as amazing to listen to this online as it was to hear it live. Bravo Beautiful You on finding your own Isaac in life xo

    • Julie Parker says:

      Thank you lovely Louise! Was so thrilled you came on the day to hear me speak and still love it now. Mwah!

  2. Chantelle says:

    I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. I got teary because I resonated with your words. I beamed with pride because I know you, and seeing you speak is such a treat.

    I’m showing this to Lacey when she’s old enough to get it. Thank you. x

    • Julie Parker says:

      Oh Chantelle…thank you, thank you. What a blessed little girl Lacey is to have you as a Mum and I as a friend. x

  3. sarah says:

    I just thought this was amazing, powerful and inspirational….thank you so much.

  4. Emma Kate says:

    I lay still in the dark earliness of the morning here in France with a hot cup of tea + curled under a blanket and lost myself in the beauty and power of your words. Breath-taking and moving and inspiring and emotional and so completely what I needed to hear. x x x

    • Julie Parker says:

      Gorgeous Em…my divine Francophile! How amazing for me to know you have listened to this three quarters the way around the world all snuggled up. Thank you.

  5. Lucy says:

    Oh Julie,
    I am sitting with tears in my eyes after watching this. Your words resonated with me, so much. I was also a late comer to the dating party. I, too, went to a small country school with a very small (non existent) talent pool. I have spent the last two years out of school fighting an eating disorder and other mental illnesses.

    Now that I’m working towards recovery I am learning that there isn’t anything wrong with me and I don’t need to change myself to fit into the world, but rather make a difference to the world because of who I am.

    Thank you for your words. They serve as a gentle reminder that;
    - I can keep working on making my inner voice a kind one,
    - that my inner voice isn’t one to be scared of, or dominated by, but one that should empower and encourage my life.

    In the last few months I have been working on accepting myself, and I have since met a wonderful man who treats me like a princess. He doesn’t expect me to change, he doesn’t expect me to be better, and because of this I am learning that I can really show the world that I can be the best version of me – the happy, healthy, shiny, beautiful version.

    • Julie Parker says:

      Bless you Lucy. What a touching and beautiful comment which I so appreciate. Keep on being gentle, kind and loving to yourself and knowing with absolute certainty that all you are and all you will be is ok and enough. Your special man is fortunate to have you.

  6. grace says:

    This is beautiful Julie. Heartfelt. Touching. Transformational.

  7. Kim says:

    This was truly inspirational Julie. Congratulations!

  8. Absolutely beautiful Julie <3 What a gorgeous presence you have – compassion + warmth just radiate out of you. Congrats on landing a Tedx talk too – such a beautiful message!

    • Julie Parker says:

      Susannah – thank you so much. Compassion + warmth + connection are so important to me, so to know that is coming through me + others can see it is so wonderful to know. Thank you for your kind words.

  9. paula davies says:

    I have listened to your talk many times now and each time I hear something new is it up there with Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability in terms of its impact on me … thank you for sharing this with us all … I look forward to hearing more from you in due course.

    • Julie Parker says:

      Goodness me Paula – I could not think of a higher compliment than to be compared with Brene Brown who I adore. Thank you so much.

  10. Dani Angel says:

    Oh Julie that was so lovely and wise. Well done!

  11. Brava…BRAVA!! I agree with each and every word you so wonderfully spoke in your so-lovely voice.

  12. The inner relationship we have with ourselves always needs a light shone upon it. I have no idea why we hold ourselves as so insignificant sometimes when we are actually so immense (I’m the biggest culprit!) Thank you Julie for shining a light on your own inner workings – I found your talk to be raw, loving and inspirational. x

  13. Mizuho says:

    Julie, this is such an inspiring and beautiful talk on self-compassion! It really touched my heart.

  14. Kate Holley says:

    Your words were so inspiring and your talk was so beautiful, Julie. I may have teared up a little in parts. I absolutely love what you said about the problem being that there was no problem. I could totally relate to it in how I was seeing things in my own life for a long time. I was, in some ways, creating problems because I was terrified of how vulnerable I would be if I let them go. They were my parachute because at my core I felt unlovable and they gave me an excuse to isolate myself. It’s amazing the difference that even just those small shifts towards self love and self acceptance make.
    Thankyou so much for sharing your wisdom, your work and your story.
    Kate x

    • Julie Parker says:

      That’s so lovely Kate – thank you. To know that my words really moved you is such a great compliment to me. Thank you.

  15. Nikki says:

    YOU ARE AN ANGEL!! Keep shining Julie ~ you are an inspiration & a bloody legend!! xxx

  16. Fi says:

    Julie I have been saving this in my inbox until I had a quiet 20 mins to just sit and listen .. and it was so worth the wait. Such wonderful words! I wish all women – and girls – were made to listen to it. x

  17. Maria says:

    Julie, this was so very inspirational – thank you – it was perfect xx

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