The Beautiful You Photo Shoot

There are many exciting things happening for both the Beautiful You blog and my counselling and coaching business in 2011.  The first is that the two websites will soon be joined which I am really excited about.  I think it will be much easier for me to manage but also offer everyone a much better chance to engage with me and what I am doing beyond this blog.
As part of the joining of the two sites I thought it was time to get some professional photo’s taken that I really liked.  I did have some taken last year but it was somewhat of a rushed job and truthfully, I wasn’t very happy with them.  Despite my insistence that the studio not heavily photoshop them and that I wanted something very casual and relaxed, I think they came out far too ‘glossy’ and not natural enough for my liking.
I decided that instead of going to a studio I may be better with a sole photographer and I eventually found Fi Mims Photography.  I loved the look of Fi’s work and I am so glad I chose her to take my photo’s as I love them and feel they are a real representation of who I am.  I wanted to share some with you as part of a sneak peek into my new blog and site but also (in case you have never had photo’s like these taken before) to share with you some of the work that goes into their creation.
I love the naturalness of how this photo looks but I have to be honest with you about something.  While it may appear as if I have very little makeup on, in fact – I have on alot – certainly a great deal more than I wear on a usual day which is normally just a dust of powder, light eyeshadow, lipgloss and mascara.  I knew from my previous experiences being on TV that it was probably a wise idea for me to get my makeup professionally done and I did, with strict instructions to the lovely girl at the Napolean Perdis counter to make it as natural as possible.  She did exactly as I asked which I was appreciative of.
I once did a TV appearance where I had to do my own makeup, and despite being warned I should apply lots of eye makeup and foundation so I didn’t appear washed out, I decided to go my own way and just wear what I normally did.  Mistake!  When I saw the clip back later I genuinely did look very pale, almost ill, (even though I wasn’t) and my eyes just seemed to disappear into my head.  It was a lesson learnt that even to appear ‘natural’ on TV or in a professional photo you do require heavier makeup than usual.  Remember that when looking at ‘natural’ photo’s of models and celebrities in magazines ok!  They are wearing a great deal more makeup than you think.
I also love this photo which was taken just minutes before the other one.  All that is different is a change of top.  No adjustments to hair and makeup.  You can see my makeup more clearly here.  Quite amazing isn’t it that it looks much heavier here than in the outdoor shot but in fact is exactly the same.  It was Fi’s idea to try a soft smile here and this is my husband’s favourite shot of the shoot as he thinks I looks serene and calm.  Not quite sure if that means I’m not those things to him normally!  I love you can see the crinkles around my eyes (which you couldn’t in my previous photo’s – they wiped them out) and that my hair line is not even.  You just never get to see such things in magazine shoots as all stray hairs are usually whisked away.
I also heart this shot too.  Isn’t that necklace adorable?  I found it in a dinky shop for $12.00 and I love it.  It has gotten a tonne of compliments every time I have worn it and of course I love what it stands for and how it connects in so well with all I write about here at Beautiful You. Fi had lots of amazing suggestions as to how we could use it and I think this shot come out great.
All up, having these photo’s taken by Fi was such a treat and a really wonderful experience.  Fi works in Melbourne and if you are in need of some lovely photo’s for your business or of your children, family or wedding I can highly recommend her.  So gorgeous and easy to work with!
Stay tuned for more Beautiful You.  By the end of this month there should be a whole new look here which I hope you love.

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  1. bigguysmama says:

    They look great! And you're right, you don't look like you're wearing much make-up at all. I'll have to keep that in mind in case I ever get pro photos done. I never wear any make-up.


  2. Danimezza says:

    You look wonderful Julie, can't wait to see the transformation! I'll be having portraits taken this year too

  3. Melissa *Suger Coat It* says:

    They are beautiful photos. And you look just as serene and lovely as Hubby said you are. {Did he say lovely? Ah, that could just be me}

  4. Tracey Lau says:

    Adore the shots, you look gorgeous. And how much do I love that necklace…my life motto as well!

    May 2011 be your best yet chic!

  5. Michelle McGrath says:

    these are gorgeous Julie, you look absolutely lovely and very natural. I have been wanting to get some done myself for a long time. I had a similar experience the other week where I had a some photos taken but really wasn't happy with the whole experience and didn't have a good feeling about it. In the end the photo I ended up with was photoshopped to death and I just look totally weird on it – there is no way I can use it as I really feel it doesn't represent me at all. Am very tempted to come down to Melbourne soon and book a shoot with Fi myself – my 40th at the end of Feb so could be my excuse! Thanks for sharing these, it's really tempting me!! ;-) Mxxx

  6. Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock says:

    Oh Julie, the photos are stunning. You are BEAUTIFUL!
    And I love love love that necklace! I'm a little obsessed with anything 'LOVE' themed at the moment {hence my new print designs}

  7. Kathryn says:

    Oh, they are beautiful! I'm so glad you got some photos you're happy with – it's not always easy to love photos of ourselves!

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